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Halloween Spooky Story Blog

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thanks for stopping to check out the AP1 Spooky Story Blog. The represents the culmination of the efforts of our English Language Learners in the London Language Institutes advanced placement class, the day before Halloween 2013. 

I was lucky enough to get invited to spend a few hours with these great students, teaching them about the creative writing process, reading them scary stories, and creating this blog with them. 

I hope you enjoy their stories. These were all created within the class and are presented for your chilling amusement. 

In the coming weeks, a lesson plan for this class and a 10 minute recording of the lesson in progress, will be posted here.

Yours in learning,

Teacher Dov

This is a true story.

In China, 13 is an unlucky number. Some people don’t want to pay for an apartment on the 13th floor, and won’t live there.

So let me tell you what happened… Three people who didn’t believe the stories, wanted to find out the truth. They went into a building and spent the night on the 13th floor.

We don’t know what happened to them that night.

We only know that they fled the building in a panic.

Two people died within steps of the building, and the last remaining one was left completely insane.

He is now living in a mental hospital and can’t talk…


One night, three beautiful girls were playing video games in their house. They were happily laughing. One of the girls, Luna, was hungry and so she went into the kitchen to eat something. 

It was a dark, stormy and cold night. 
Andrea and Paula heard a painful, desperate scream. They ran into the kitchen, but Luna was gone!

They started to look for her. Paula went to the washroom, but she never returned.

Andrea was alone, and she heard footsteps and sweet scary voices singing. She went to find who was singing but didn’t find anything. She went upstairs when she hear someone behind her. She turned around to find two little girls were singing, wearing long white dresses. The two girls said

“Please, play with us”

Then, Andrea was bitten by the little girls and became a scary zombie…


She was cooking her dinner in the kitchen.
She realized some utensils were changed from their place. 
She continued cooking and chopping the food.

A creek of the door and slapping sound came from upstairs. She was panicked and terrified. 

She attempted to check the upper floor, but didn’t find anyone there. However she found the window was open and the wind had closed the door. She walked slowly to close the window, when she heard a baby was crying downstairs!

Her heart thumped, terrified. Demonstrating courage, she ran down to the kitchen in time to see a shadow moving toward the bedroom. She shouted


and ran to see who was there. Before she reached the door, she saw blood coming from under the door and a sentence was written on the floor…



The Rain Season – by Sunny Gim

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It was the rainy season. It had kept raining for a long time. Sometimes, it came with powerful lightning and thunder.

One day, my parents went out for work. I was alone in the house. To avoid an electric shock, I turned off all the lights and I was left with only a candle in my room. Outside of the house, cats whined in the dark.

All of the sudden I could hear one of my neighbourhood cats being beaten to death with a bat.

The cats all ran away from my house…


It was a rainy day,

There were two young ladies. They were driving at night to go to another city to visit their parent. Suddenly the wheel of their car popped! The night was so dark, and very cold. 

They both heard some scary noise; they looked around. One lady noticed a ghostly black t-shirt and long hair with a mask on his face and a bloody hand. She said to the other lady that she saw a ghost. bu when they turned to look at him, he disappeared. They both felt very afraid. They sat in their car and again the lady saw the ghost, but this time it was from the mirror. The ghost was sitting behind her. After a while, one lady went out of the car to look at the wheel to see if it was possible to fix it. A DEAD BODY APPEARED UNDER THE WHEEL OF THE CAR.

(you can guess what happened next…)Image


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