Three Little Girls – by Paula, Andrea and Luna

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

One night, three beautiful girls were playing video games in their house. They were happily laughing. One of the girls, Luna, was hungry and so she went into the kitchen to eat something. 

It was a dark, stormy and cold night. 
Andrea and Paula heard a painful, desperate scream. They ran into the kitchen, but Luna was gone!

They started to look for her. Paula went to the washroom, but she never returned.

Andrea was alone, and she heard footsteps and sweet scary voices singing. She went to find who was singing but didn’t find anything. She went upstairs when she hear someone behind her. She turned around to find two little girls were singing, wearing long white dresses. The two girls said

“Please, play with us”

Then, Andrea was bitten by the little girls and became a scary zombie…


  1. TeacherDov says:

    Great use of descriptive adjectives!
    A very sudden ending to a curious group of girls, scary stuff.

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