“The Message” – by Sullaiman

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

She was cooking her dinner in the kitchen.
She realized some utensils were changed from their place. 
She continued cooking and chopping the food.

A creek of the door and slapping sound came from upstairs. She was panicked and terrified. 

She attempted to check the upper floor, but didn’t find anyone there. However she found the window was open and the wind had closed the door. She walked slowly to close the window, when she heard a baby was crying downstairs!

Her heart thumped, terrified. Demonstrating courage, she ran down to the kitchen in time to see a shadow moving toward the bedroom. She shouted


and ran to see who was there. Before she reached the door, she saw blood coming from under the door and a sentence was written on the floor…



  1. TeacherDov says:

    I like the way you build tension and suspense in this story. Good work.

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