It was a Rainy Day – by Bnar and Carter

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was a rainy day,

There were two young ladies. They were driving at night to go to another city to visit their parent. Suddenly the wheel of their car popped! The night was so dark, and very cold. 

They both heard some scary noise; they looked around. One lady noticed a ghostly black t-shirt and long hair with a mask on his face and a bloody hand. She said to the other lady that she saw a ghost. bu when they turned to look at him, he disappeared. They both felt very afraid. They sat in their car and again the lady saw the ghost, but this time it was from the mirror. The ghost was sitting behind her. After a while, one lady went out of the car to look at the wheel to see if it was possible to fix it. A DEAD BODY APPEARED UNDER THE WHEEL OF THE CAR.

(you can guess what happened next…)Image


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